Thursday, 21 November 2013

The World Chess Championship

I have been following the 2013 World Chess Championship with great interest, although in a rather unconventional way. I follow it through forum posts and online articles . . . but I don't really watch the matches.

I tried to. I really did. But they are very long and I simply can't sit down and watch chess for 4+ hours. Also, the commentators drive me bats. I just don't find watching the matches very interesting, but I take great interest in reading about the matches.

It's kind of like how I enjoy playing basketball, but don't enjoy watching basketball games.

Also, as someone who blunders a lot, it's very soothing to see that even high-level players can blunder, too.

I'm hoping for a win for Carlsen. I look forward to reading about Game 10 when it happens.

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