Monday, 18 November 2013

Chess Club, Part 2

Today was my first meeting at my university's chess club. After some initial worry that no one was going to show up, a bunch of people did. Including me there were seven people there. I was the only girl. Everyone was very nice and laid back, like I had hoped. We discussed having some events, as we need to hold two before the end of the semester, so we're going to have a bake sale next week and a tournament on the last day of class. Then some people had to leave to go to class and there were four of us left, so we laid out the boards and had a few games together. I played the same guy twice. He won both games. I did not play very well, but I did fight very hard during the games. I totally blundered the checkmate I had been planning. They were both good games, and I look forward to the next meeting.

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